Asbestos Inspection FAQs:

Who requires that an Asbestos Inspection be performed?

The EPA, OSHA and Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) require an asbestos survey to be conducted prior to any renovation or dismantling within a public building, commercial building, or facility, including preparations for partial or complete demolition.

Who can conduct an Asbestos Survey/Inspection?

The inspection must be performed by a person appropriately accredited and licensed in accordance with the Texas Asbestos Health Protection Rules. To perform inspections, a licensed Asbestos Inspector must be employed by either a licensed Asbestos Consultant Agency or licensed Asbestos Management Planner Agency.

My building is only 5 years old. Do I still need an inspection?

Yes. Regardless of the age of the building, an asbestos survey isrequired prior to any renovation or
demolition work.

I am only renovating a small isolated area in my building. Do I have to have the entire building inspected?

No. For renovations that are limited to an isolated area, a limited inspection may be conducted. Any suspect building material that would potentially be disturbed by the renovation activity must be sampled.